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Investing in Belgium

Growing your business in Belgium is an opportunity to stand out in a small, open economy at the heart of Europe with much to offer international investors, including:


Belgium’s workforce is talented, highly skilled, multilingual and diverse.


Belgium is ideally situated geographically with a strong transportation and logistics infrastructure providing access to key markets.


Belgium’s state-of-the-art research universities, industry clusters and R&D centers put it at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Belgium is also a good market to test new ideas and products.

Quality of Life

Belgium has world-class healthcare and education systems, dining and cultural options.

Why business leaders say #Yes2Belgium

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Successful investment in Belgium

International companies are continuously growing their business and investing in Belgium. What we have seen throughout the years is a large diversity and scale of operations, with European headquarters, logistics hubs and manufacturing sites all over Belgium.

There is also a drive for innovation and research, with many companies drawing on Belgium’s pool of talent to engage highly qualified scientists, engineers and researchers. This is particularly evident for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, many of which have their whole value chain – from research to production, packaging and distribution – based in Belgium.

How we help you grow

Whether it’s in research and innovation, logistics or manufacturing, foreign investment plays a major role in Belgium’s economic prosperity. At AmCham Belgium, our main goal is to help Belgium remain an attractive location to invest and do business. Together with our member companies, we are constantly working to improve the investment climate in Belgium to ensure international business can continue to grow and prosper here.


As the best connected trade association in Belgium, we play a key role in making connections between business leaders and their peers and between our member community and public officials.


AmCham Belgium represents the interests of our member companies in the public debate. What sets us apart from other organizations is that we provide a platform for business representatives and political stakeholders to speak directly with each other – whether in meetings or at public events.


At AmCham Belgium, we pride ourselves on offering engagement opportunities to all employees within our member companies, no matter where they are in their career or their area of expertise.


As a membership organization, we recognize that our biggest strength is our community of member companies and the diverse group of people that work for them.

For the past 70 years, AmCham Belgium has been making connections: between the US and Belgium, between business leaders and their peers, and between the business community and public officials.

Philip Alliet • CEO of Aon Belux

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