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AmCham Belgium Membership Terms & Conditions


  1. All members agree to fully support AmCham Belgium in achieving its aim as laid out in its mission statement:
    ”AmCham Belgium is the undisputed leader in improving business and investment opportunities for the US-Belgian business community.” 

  2. All members agree to fully abide by the Chamber's Articles of Association, which can be consulted on or at the offices of the Chamber.

  3. Applications for membership must be made in writing to the Board of Directors, (and shall be transmitted to the Secretariat of the Chamber) which will decide upon the admission of members to the Association. The Board may delegate this power to the Executive Committee. (Article 3.1 and 3.2)

    If the application is approved, the applicant shall become a member of the Association as of the first day of the month following approval of his or its membership. (Article 3.2). 

  4. Membership is renewable annually on the anniversary of the membership. (Article 3.3). The membership will be tacitly renewed on a yearly basis until explicitly cancelled.

  5. A member wishing to resign must send notice in writing by post, courier or email. Notification of resignation must be received by the Association no later than the last day of the first month of the new membership period. If such notification of resignation is not received, the member will remain on the membership list and will be liable for payment of dues for that year. (Article 3.4)

  6. In no event will any resignation or exclusion of any member entitle such member to any assets of the Association nor to any refund of dues already paid. (Article 3.5)

  7. Any member whose membership fee remains unpaid for a period of 30 days or more after receipt of a second payment reminder will be deemed to have resigned his membership but will remain liable for payment of dues for that year. (Article 3.6)

  8. Membership shall expire automatically upon the death of an individual member or upon the liquidation or bankruptcy of a member which is a legal entity. (Article 3.7)

  9. A member can only be excluded upon a decision of theGeneral Meeting, acting on a reasoned proposal of the Board of Directors. The General Meeting will take its decision with the same quorum and voting majority as are required for an amendment of these Articles of Association. Such exclusion can be requested if, in the opinion of the Board, any member’s actions are incompatible with the aims and objectives of the Association. (Article 3.8)

  10. Patron, Sustaining and Regular memberships are valid for only one legal entity with one company registration number. Group Patron membership includes all legal entities in Belgium contained within the same group. The one entity nominated as Group Patron will have the benefits of Patron membership.  All other Group Member entities will enjoy the benefits of Regular membership.

  11. The membership of a company entitles every employee of that specific legal entity to make use of the services offered to members.

  12. The membership fee referred to in Article 5.1 is payable on receipt of an invoice. (Article 5.2), through an electronic payment method (bank transfer or credirt card)

  13. Membership of the Association is valid for 12 months with effect from the first day of the month following approval of the membership. Membership for any subsequent years shall start as of the anniversary date of the membership of the preceding year without prejudice to Article 3.3. The Board of Directors may decide on the modalities of invoicing and may modify the corresponding membership periods. (Article 5.3)

  14. Upon a decision by the Board of Directors, the Members Register may be kept in electronic form.  (Article 3.9)  Information collected on member companies and other US companies will be added to the AmCham Belgium MemberAdmin Database and will be used as per the Chamber's Privacy Policy, which can be consulted at the offices of the Chamber.