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Telenet Now Offering Internet of Things Solutions for Corporate Market

Telenet Tinx

‘Telenet Tinx’ helps make businesses smarter

Brussels, 5 June 2018 - Telenet has created ‘Telenet Tinx’ to make businesses smarter by allowing secure communication between devices. The telecom company is now offering a comprehensive solution for the corporate market for the Internet of Things: from idea to implementation via a secure, high-capacity network.

Parking sensors, IP cameras, tracking systems, sensors to measure air quality or indicate when an office requires cleaning… There are already over 17 million devices in Belgium connected to the Internet today. This is expected to increase by a factor of ten in the coming years. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing and this abundance of data offers plenty of business opportunities. The physical world is becoming digitised, as it were, creating new insights and business models.

Partners and Innovation Centre

Telenet wants to support companies in this by providing a comprehensive solution through their new ‘Telenet Tinx’ service. Companies can use an IoT platform to easily manage their own network. Furthermore, it allows communication between the various devices, as well as data analysis and visualisation, in order to achieve new solutions and insights.

“Together with a number of prominent partners we strive for the optimal solution for each company, from design to implementation, for fast, simple integration with the current IT environment. If necessary, we develop a prototype together with the customer for testing at our Innovation Centre, allowing us to make adjustments before the full launch.” Dieter Nieuwdorp, Senior Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development at Telenet

There are ready-made solutions for SMEs, but Telenet also develops custom IoT solutions for companies’ specific requirements. This is done in collaboration with technology partners such as IBM, Microsoft, Imec and Artilium. ICT integrator Nextel, recently acquired by Telenet, contributes as well. And Unit-T, the joint venture with the French group Solutions 30, enables the installation and maintenance of all the sensors.

“Actually, this is the first year that the Internet of Things has overcome its hype status and the added value for businesses is truly revealing itself.The possibilities are endless. Smart lighting can save you quite a bit, for example, and sensors in devices can help fix malfunctions before they ever affect the customer.” Dieter Nieuwdorp

Secure, high-capacity network

To be able to connect all those different machines and devices to one another, the telecom company has its own narrowband IoT network (NB-IoT and later LTE-M). This network is an expansion of the current 4G infrastructure and also extends to locations that are difficult to reach, such as cellars. Telenet’s NB-IoT network currently already has full national coverage.

As more and more devices are wirelessly connected to one another, they become more vulnerable to cyber threats. That’s why Telenet focuses heavily on security for Tinx. 

“We notice that companies are most concerned about security.And they are right to be. With so many connected devices, an immense amount of data is available in the cloud.Therefore, we consider security a priority.We ensure that the network, firmware and IoT devices are secure and we encrypt and protect the data in the cloud.” Piet Spiessens, Vice President Innovation & Business Development at Telenet

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