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Pfizer’s Logistics Center in Zaventem reopens following extensive renovations, anchoring itself firmly in Belgium

  • New structure covers 2/3 of entire Pfizer product portfolio
  • Building gets a solid makeover

Zaventem, 09.19.2016 - On September 19, 2016 Pfizer reopened its Zaventem distribution center to the public. The complete redesign was done in order to address the challenges of today’s globalized economy. The redesign reflects Pfizer’s commitment to its Belgian offices.

Pfizer’s European Logistics Center has been housed in Zaventem for 30 years and hosts a number of functions for Pfizer Global Supply, including logistics processes, financial structuring and inventory management. Two years ago, warehouse operations were completely phased out to third party providers in Belgium and the Zaventem site became fully focused on transactions logistics management for 2/3 of Pfizer’s supply portfolio. Two new Belgian legal entities will improve the structure of the logistics operations for the Pfizer Business Units , enabling the Zaventem site to become a key part of Pfizer global supply chain network.

In addition to the new structure, the site in Zaventem received a full makeover. The site consists of three buildings, one of which has been converted into open space offices for more than 300 team members. The other two buildings, which were previously used as a warehouse and office, are to be sold.

With this renovation, Pfizer once again chooses Belgium. The two new entities will play a major role in Pfizer’s Global Supply Chain and will ensure that 2/3 of  Pfizer’s product portfolio is managed by Zaventem before arriving with patients. For Pfizer, Zaventem operations are seen as high potential, with over 300 employees of 26 nationalities.

"The choice of Zaventem is no coincidence," explains Site Leader Kim Sandell. "Belgium is simply the most logical choice because of its location in Europe and its activities in Zaventem. Sixty percent of Europe’s purchasing power is within a 550 km radius of Zaventem. By consolidating our activities in Belgium, we can streamline our supply chains and become more efficient. "