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Isabel celebrates its 20th anniversary and becomes Isabel Group

Anniversary and repositioning lead to a new start

Brussels, October 16th, 2015. Isabel, the leading provider of multi-bank internet and mobile banking for professional users in Belgium, celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday, in the company of top players in the financial world in Belgium. The company is combining this special anniversary with a name change that comes as the culmination of an extensive repositioning effort initiated three years ago. On the eve of the full opening of the payment services market in 2017, the new Isabel Group now more than ever plays a key role thanks to further investments in cyber security and the further development of identity management.

From service provider to knowledge centre

Isabel Group has become much more of a knowledge centre than the financial services provider it was at the time of its incorporation. Building on twenty years of experience and intense collaboration with the banks, the company presents solutions for the biggest challenges in an ever-changing financial landscape, such as online safety and identity management. Isabel Group is proud of its position as a leading Belgian company, being the most experienced multi-bank platform in Europe. It processes over 400 million transactions every year.

Luc Neysens, CEO of the recently thoroughly revamped Isabel Group, is confident about the future, which includes the full opening of the payment services market in 2017: “Over the past three years, we have laid the foundations for a completely new company with a modernized service offering, increased efficiency, and advanced and optimized “agile” workflows. Isabel's development into Isabel Group is much more than a change of name and logo. It shows that the company is innovating and is preparing for the challenges that will arise in the payment services market”

Isabel Group is now a more compact and flexible company with core competences centralised inhouse and with a wide knowledge network of top experts it can rely on and collaborate with when necessary.

Deadline 2020: How Europe is redefining the payment landscape

A new era has come both for the company and the financial world. From 2017, the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), a new European directive on payment services and the Single European Payment Area, will enter into force. Europe wishes to open all banking channels in order to improve competition and innovation in the payments landscape. This will enable new players from sectors other than banking and traditional Payment Service Providers to offer payment solutions.

The now well-established electronic invoicing system is increasingly gaining ground as well. The European Commission wants to take a major step forward and has asked that half of all invoicing be done electronically by 2020. In this European context, Isabel Group is an indispensable partner.

“Every decision we take is taken with PSD2 and the European market in mind. An open market is a major opportunity for Isabel Group” said Luc Neysens, CEO of Isabel Group.

One third of turnover dedicated to innovation

The changes in the financial world go hand in hand with major challenges in the area of cyber security, such as cyber fraud, hacking, and increasing insecurity regarding identity management and authentication platforms. Isabel Group considers online security its highest priority, and is working with some of the world's most innovative companies to offer new services to face these challenges. Over a third of Isabel Group's total turnover is dedicated entirely to innovation.

“We invest over a third of our turnover in innovation”, said Luc Neysens. “By doing so, the banks - our shareholders - become the driving force behind our development and growth, and they support innovation.”

“While every online financial transaction must be protected, the level and type of protection can vary. Passwords, pin codes and electronic signatures are just some of the types of protection available. Checking your balance, for instance, requires less security than transferring a large amount of money. Through intelligent analysis of the context, among other processes, we ensure that we are able to apply the appropriate security measures without needlessly burdening the user”, explained Luc Neysens.

Isabel Group enjoys the trust of 30,000 customers, large and small enterprises in Belgium. Today's special ceremony heralds a new era. “We are looking forward to the next twenty years. In addition to successful and secure electronic invoicing and payment services, we hope to invest in advanced and flexible authentication services for the financial world. We are ready to seize the opportunities that will present themselves in this complex sector”, said CEO Luc Neysens.