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EY Belgium elected “Great Place to Work” for the fifth year in a row

Brussels, March 17, 2020 - The consultancy firm EY Belgium, which employs some 2,500 people in Belgium, has finished in the Belgian top 10 of the Great Place to Work Awards for the fifth year in a row. The awards are presented annually by the Great Place to Work Institute, in partnership with Vlerick Business School and Jobat/Mark Magazine. EY Belgium is the only consultancy firm included in this top 10.

EY Belgium was included in the top 10 of the Great Place to Work Awards for the first time in 2016. Since then, the company has been able to earn a place on this list every year thanks to, among other things, the many initiatives to further develop employees, make them happy and keep them aboard. The results of the Belgian research conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, in collaboration with Vlerick Business School and Jobat/Mark Magazine, once again show that these initiatives do not miss their target.

A heart for the employees

Why has EY Belgium been declared one of the best workplaces in Belgium for the fifth time in a row?

Especially because of our belief in people - It's not just a strategy, it's a true conviction. At EY Belgium, our people are the heart of the organization and they come first. And this in good times as well as in extremely difficult times like today. Investing in the well-being of our employees contributes to their personal and professional happiness, that of their environment and that of our customers. This is how we build a better working world every day.

says Patrick Rottiers, CEO EY Belgium

EY focuses on the well-being of its employees through various initiatives. In addition to crucial lifelong learning and exciting international career opportunities, EY specifically invests in the physical and mental health of its employees in order to increase their resilience and energy. For example, there is “EY in Motion”, EY's sports and health programme to which all employees of EY Belgium can subscribe. ‘EY In Motion’ includes a fitness self-scan, free participation in numerous sports activities, as well as tips and tricks on healthy nutrition and lifestyle. There is also the ‘EY FLEX’ programme, where employees can opt for benefits that best suit their personal situation. The ‘EY Mobility’ initiative, in which EY makes an authentic contribution to sustainable and ecological mobility, also encourages employees to move around in a positive way. Employees can take public transport as well as a bicycle and this in combination with an increasingly greener company car.

Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship

EY Belgium has set up an internal innovation program where all employees are stimulated to think ‘out of the box’ and get the time and support to work out a business plan around projects that can make EY ‘future-proof’ in these disruptive times. The Innovation team facilitates trainings and organizes workshops, bootcamps, pathways where EY colleagues can learn about new technologies and receive specific coaching in innovation skills. With this, EY wants to create a community of intrapreneurs.

For EY Belgium, this Great Place to Work Award is an important recognition of the efforts made together with the employees to make the organization their home base. EY Belgium has a heart for its people.

We are committed to developing and attracting the best talent by providing an exceptional experience for each of our people. Our investments and focus on our colleagues and workplace enable us to attract and retain diverse, high-performing people. Every year we recruit more than 350 employees and for many of them we represent a kind of training institution, as it were. We offer them world-class training and develop with them the leadership skills necessary to solve complex problems in our rapidly changing world.

says Patrick Rottiers, CEO EY Belgium

About EY Belgium

EY (formerly known as Ernst & Young) is a global player in the field of audit, accountancy, tax, transaction guidance and consulting. For this reason, we want to invest in our relationships with ambitious (start-up) growth companies and proactively focus on their development.
EY wants to be the partner in the growth of companies, family businesses, governments, start-ups and scale-ups. Worldwide, our 270,000 employees give the best of themselves every day to assist our clients with their knowledge and expertise. In Belgium, more than 2,500 employees provide high-quality services from our extensive regional office network.

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