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Coca-Cola life comes to Belgium

Thanks to stevia extract, Coca-Cola life cuts sugar and calories by a third compared to an average sugar containing cola.

Coca-Cola life, the first Coca-Cola with fewer calories and exclusively sweeteners from natural origin, is to be launched in Belgium in January 2015. Coca-Cola life is sweetened with a mix of sweeteners extracted from stevia (steviol glycosides) and sugar, and contains one third less sugar and calories than the average sugar containing cola*. Eight years after Coca-Cola Zero, the offer is expanded again, “so that everyone can make a conscious choice that befits a balanced lifestyle.” Introduced in Chile and Argentina in 2013, this new Coca-Cola variant has been available for the first time in Europe since September.

Coca-Cola life is the biggest launch in the assortment since Coca-Cola Zero in 2006. Coca-Cola life contains 33% less sugar and 33% fewer calories than a ‘standard’ cola*, thanks to a blend of sugar and stevia extract. A 330 ml can of Coca-Cola life contains 89 calories (compared with 139 calories for Coca-Cola) and will be accorded a fully-fledged place with its striking green label alongside Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola light.

More choice thanks to innovation

Coca-Cola life doesn’t come out of the blue. It is a well thought-out extension of the range where changing trends and consumer behaviour take centre stage, as does Coca-Cola’s effort to get more people to adopt a balanced lifestyle. Guy Wollaert, SVP Chief Technical & Innovation Officer from The Coca-Cola Company, explains: “It all comes down to being able to choose what is important for you. Do you prefer no sugars and no calories, or do you consider ingredients from natural sources to be of prime importance? Or will you stay true to the original Coca-Cola? Consumers are increasingly more attentive to their lifestyle and diet, and thus want to be able to make a conscious choice. Coca-Cola life is a perfect supplement to the existing range with its combination of fewer calories*, thanks to the combination of stevia extract and sugar, and the familiar taste of the best known drink in the world.”

The biggest innovation is the sweetener used, which is extracted from the stevia plant. This calorie-free sweetener of natural origin is already used in the Coca-Cola brands Nestea, Sprite and FÏNLEY on the Belgian market. Guy  Wollaert: “Stevia has been used as a sweetener for centuries, and packs 200 times more sweetening power than sugar. You need not compromise on taste to strike the right balance with sugar.”

A balanced lifestyle

The launch of Coca-Cola life is also in line with the ambitious effort waged by Coca-Cola to help people opt for a more balanced lifestyle. “Coca-Cola has  a global reach and wants to assume its responsibility to make a contribution to a healthy and more balanced lifestyle. Our ambition in Europe is to get 10 million Europeans, or three times as many as now, to exercise more and more often in their own way by 2020. To this end we continue to inspire through our brand campaigns and are investing more in exercise programmes such as Mission Olympic in Belgium. In addition, we are expanding our offer of lower-calorie beverages even further. And here is where Coca-Cola life, with its lower sugar content and thus fewer calories*, takes its rightful place.” In Belgium, sugar and calorie free beverages account for 43% of Coca-Cola’s total sales volume. Over the last five years, Coca-Cola’s overall ‘calorie footprint’ in Belgium dropped by 9%.

Local production

70% of the Coca-Cola products sold in Belgium are made in our Belgian production sites. The same will apply to Coca-Cola life with local production taking place in Antwerp, Ghent and Dunkirk. Coca-Cola life will be available as of late January 2015 in a 20 cl glass bottle, 300 ml can, 500 ml PET bottle, 1.5 l PET bottle, 6 x 300 ml can multi-pack, 6 x 500 ml PET bottle multi-pack, and 4 x 1.5 l PET bottle multi-pack.

* 33% fewer calories compared with the average soft drinks with sugar in the Benelux, through a 33% sugar reduction thanks to sweeteners from stevia

About Coca-Cola

‘Coca-Cola’ consists of different companies in Belgium and Luxembourg. Coca-Cola Services, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, owns the brands, is responsible for consumer marketing and sells the basic concentrate to Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium and Coca-Cola Enterprises Luxembourg. The latter produce, distribute and/or sell Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola life, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite, Aquarius, Nalu, FÏNLEY, Burn, Minute Maid, Nestea, Nordic Mist, Chaudfontaine, Glaceau vitamin water, Capri-Sun, Monster, Viva and Rosport. More than 10 million drinks of the different Coca-Cola brands are sold every day in Belgium and Luxembourg. Coca-Cola builds strong brands of the highest quality that befit a balanced lifestyle. Coca-Cola employs about 3,000 employees spread over 8 sites in the Belux. Coca-Cola integrates sustainability in its business activities and focuses on areas where its activities interface the most with the surrounding environment. This means that in addition to energy, attention is also paid to efficient water use and sustainable packaging. For more information: