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Thanksgiving Walking Dinner

Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 18:00 to 21:00
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We are getting closer to a special date: our annual Thanksgiving Dinner!

We will be celebrating in the presence of US Ambassador Ronald J. Gidwitz, who will receive us at his residence.

The story of Thanksgiving started long ago in 1621, when European Pilgrims and Native Americans celebrated their annual harvests in the Autumn. In a year of good harvest, they would gather together for a three-day feast of celebration. Fast-forward to 1863, the President of the United States proclaimed this day as a national holiday, making it our modern Thanksgiving.

This November, just like in the original celebrations, we gather in Belgium to celebrate and give thanks to good relationships!

Our Thanksgiving Dinner is open to Patron and Sustaining members, Strategic Sponsors, Committee and Board members. Spouses and partners are welcome to attend.

United Airlines is kindly offering two roundtrip tickets in Economy Class from Brussels to the USA. Be sure to bring your business cards to take part in the draw!

United Airlines offers nonstop flights from Brussels to Chicago, New York/Newark and Washington D.C. with connections to more than 280 destinations in the USA, Canada, Latin & South America and the Caribbean. 

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