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COVID-19: Prepare to Overcome

Tuesday, March 10, 2020 - 09:00 to 11:00

Join us for a dynamic session on how your business can mitigate the impact of COVID-19


Please note that  the face-to-face workshop has been turned into a webinar format. Please find the Zoom call details below.

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Meeting ID: 802 958 505

Password: 076149

All signs indicate that the spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) will continue, and the situation will likely get worse before it gets better. With this in mind, being prepared is the key to mitigating impact.

AmCham Belgium has teamed up with CS&A International to offer a free workshop to member companies on how businesses can prepare for the possible outcomes of COVID-19. With over 30 years’ experience in crisis management and business continuity, including pandemic preparedness, CS&A’s international team of experts - located in key geographic locations - is supporting many organizations through this period of caution and uncertainty. 

  • Is your company prepared for a worst-case scenario?
  • Have you taken the necessary preventative measures?
  • How do you organize yourself?
  • Do you know all your stakeholders and have you identified your communication strategy? 

Join CS&A International at AmCham Belgium on March 10 for a dynamic session and find out what you need to be better prepared.

About the experts:

Dirk Lenaerts is Joint Managing Director of CS&A. Dirk works with clients internationally to assess risk, evaluate their crisis management capabilities and designs response structures and processes specifically suited to their organization, environment, culture, and the risks and issues they face.

Koen Peeters is a Senior Consultant with CS&A International, based in Belgium. Koen joined CS&A in 2010, and has been working with clients internationally to develop and implement risk management systems, develop crisis processes, establish stakeholder mapping and scenario planning capabilities, as well as overall business continuity and contingency planning. 


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