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Innovative Healthcare Committee


The IHC aims to be a reliable policy partner to the Belgian government and local US embassy to Belgium to ensure that new healthcare-related legislation and policies add value to, and benefit, the entire healthcare ecosystem.

The IHC is a unique cross-functional body covering nearly the whole health industry in Belgium. It contributes to ongoing legislative and policy discussions by:

  • Promoting the regular exchange of viewpoints between large companies and federal and regional officials on important healthcare challenges (ageing, economic crisis, patients expectations ...)
  • Ensuring efficient coordination of regionalized matters in the three Regions, prioritizing healthcare interests as State Reform is implemented

It also will be able to support the Healthcare Committee of AmCham EU to ensure that health is seen as an important driver for wealth and economic growth; it therefore supports the EU health agenda towards affordable, sustainable and innovative health systems.


  • Give Government/Public Affairs Managers and subject matter specialists of AmCham Belgium members a forum to exchange views with Belgian officials and US embassy officials.
  • Engage in constructive, high-level discussions with Belgian policymakers and US officials from the federal and regional governments on relevant topics
  • Promote a vigorous debate on the merits of building healthcare priorities/issues and investing in Belgium among the broader AmCham Belgium membership
  • Be a partner to the AmCham EU Healthcare committee and promote the sharing of local learnings/best practices amongst European countries, possibly leveraging an annual AmCham EU meeting with local AmChams (and engage/educate US embassies’ officers across Europe on key healthcare policy issues).

Committee members