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2018 AmChampion Award Nominees

AmCham Belgium is excited to introduce the first edition of the AmChampion Awards, to recognize the member companies within our community which have been most engaged with the Chamber in the past year.

The 2018 AmChampions will be announced and awarded during our annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 15, an event organized to give thanks to you, our members, for your continuous support of and commitment to AmCham Belgium. Taking into consideration our diverse member pool and the ways in which companies can engage with and contribute to the Chamber, we will be awarding two members with the AmChampion title: one small company (less than 100 employees in Belgium) and one large company (more than 100 employees in Belgium).

Today, we are proud to present to you the Amchampion Award nominees within these two categories. In order to select the shortlisted companies, key engagement touchpoints were analyzed and measured, such as: event participation, Committee membership, digital engagement with the Chamber, financial contribution and knowledge-sharing opportunities.

While there can only be one winner per category, we think members like our AmChampion Award nominees are the perfect example of how companies can make the most out of their membership with AmCham Belgium. We are grateful for their engagement and very excited to continue delivering value to them, and to our entire member community.

Without further ado, the 2018 AmChampion Award nominees are…

AmChampion Award for Small Companies

CS&A International

CS&A is an international risk, crisis and business continuity management firm specializing in crisis anticipation, detection, prevention and mitigation. CS&A has been a member of AmCham Belgium since 2014 and, from the very beginning of their journey with the Chamber, they have understood that engagement is the key to making the most out of their membership. Among the many ways in which CS&A is active with the Chamber, the regular participation of several team members in our events certainly stands out and is a testament of the value provided through the Chamber’s networking activities. CS&A’s key role within our Communications Committee is not to be overlooked either. Koen Peeters, Senior Consultant for the company and Chair of the Committee, has played a leading role in shaping and delivering AmCham Belgium’s communications strategy in the past year.

FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes. The relationship between FTI Consulting and AmCham Belgium can perhaps be best explained with one word: belonging. Throughout the past year – and not only – FTI has seized every opportunity to maximize their collaboration with the Chamber: from being an event and meeting host, to sharing their expertise with the AmCham community, and actively contributing to our Communications and Young Professionals Committees. What is more, FTI Consulting has proven their innate ability to balance physical and digital engagement with AmCham Belgium.


An international law firm headquartered in Washington, DC, Steptoe is renowned for its leading regulatory and litigation practices. Within the Chamber, Steptoe has played a vital role in achieving our Young Professional Committee’s mission and goals. Eléonore Mullier is the Chair of the Committee, and she has led the activities aimed at connecting young professionals with the international business community in Belgium. Steptoe has also shown an impressive level of digital engagement with the Chamber, through accessing content on our website or registering for our events, to name a few. The company clearly understands that digital engagement is an integral part of the member journey.

AmChampion Award for Large Companies

Deloitte Belgium

Deloitte Belgium is a professional services company with more than 4,000 employees in 12 locations across the country. The collaboration between Deloitte and AmCham Belgium goes back more than 60 years, showing the company’s commitment to our mission to improve business and investment opportunities for the US-Belgian business community. Deloitte’s engagement with the Chamber ranges from the company’s involvement in our Board of Directors and Government Relations Forum, to their long-term commitment to AmCham Belgium through our Strategic Sponsorship program. An AmCham Belgium membership is in fact a partnership, and Deloitte epitomizes that connection through their various knowledge-sharing initiatives at our Committee meetings and events.

ING Belgium

ING Belgium is a universal bank that provides financial services for private customers, businesses and institutional customers. ING’s ambassadorship of AmCham Belgium has been limitless in the past year. From playing an overarching role in our Year of Logistics as the program sponsor, to leading two of our Committees – Government Relations Forum and Membership – and hosting not only some of our public events, but also many internal AmCham Belgium meetings. We have not ceased to be inspired by ING’s transformation story, which they have shared with different audiences in our community.


Linklaters is a global law firm, part of the so-called “Magic Circle” of top UK law firms, with a surprising pedigree in Belgium. As a pioneer in the US-Belgium business relationship, it is little surprise that the company joined AmCham Belgium. Henk Vanhulle, Partner is a very active member of the Chamber, a member of the Legal & Taxation Committee and a leader when it comes to sharing his knowledge and expertise with the community. The Committee is an important forum for debate in his view, and he sees the Chamber as “leading the front” on some legislative topics.

Congratulations to all the AmChampion Award nominees! Learn more about each of them:

Are you curious about who the 2018 AmChampions will be? Join us for the Thanksgiving Dinner on November 15 and find out.