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Meet the AmCham Belgium Team

Our members are at the center of everything we do at AmCham Belgium. Our mission and goals are driven not only by the dedicated volunteers within our Committees, but also thanks to our team of diverse professionals. We are here to accompany you on your member journey and co-create value for you and your company.

There have been a few changes in our team recently, and we wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce everyone and tell you more about how each of us interacts and engages with members.

You will certainly hear from one us in the near future but if you have any questions or feedback, or simply want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Marcel Claes – Chief Executive

Marcel is the AmCham Belgium team lead and the Chamber’s spokesperson. For the past 14 years Marcel has guided our strategy, responding to rapidly evolving member expectations and increasing AmCham Belgium’s relevance and influence in the public debate.

Marcel is a sports fan and a proud father and grandfather. In his (limited) free time, he enjoys traveling, fixing things around the house and attempting to garden.

Daniel Pyster – External Affairs Director

Daniel leads on the Chamber’s external communications and events strategy, and he is your go-to person for all public affairs-related matters. He skillfully balances his policy expertise with his gift for words to deliver powerful messages in service to our members.

Daniel likes colorful socks, weekend hikes in the Ardennes and yoga. He is no stranger to the arts as he is a dedicated violin player and enjoys musicals.

Sue Wheeler – Policy, Finance & Administration Director

Sue is the engine for the AmCham Belgium team. She oversees the internal organization of the Chamber and ensures we are operating at full speed and as efficiently as possible. Sue is the staff liaison for the Legal & Taxation Committee and also manages the Chamber’s finances and infrastructure.

Sue enjoys playing the piano and keeping in close touch with family and friends. After a busy day at work, she either hits the gym for some cardio or body pump, destressing, or unwinds with a “friendly” tennis game.

Sibille Allgayer – Office Manager

While she has only recently joined the organization, Sibille is already indispensable to the team. She provides behind-the-scenes support to her colleagues and creates an inspiring environment for us all to work in. She is the first voice you hear when contacting the Chamber and your point of contact for the practicalities behind your membership, year-on-year.

Sibille is enthusiastic about arts & crafts, playing with her cat and she thrives on organizing anything and everything.

Umit Cayan – Membership Development Manager

Umit’s goal is to build relationships and make connections. He will be your point of entry to the Chamber and start you on your member journey. Together with the Membership Committee, he develops and implements the membership recruitment and retention strategy.

Umit is passionate about medieval and military history. During weekends, his favorite past times are hiking and building memories with his family.

Dawn Smith – Events Manager

Dawn is one of the most recognizable figures within the Chamber. She plans our events from A to Z; her goal is to create memorable experiences for our members, and she’s always there to welcome you with a smile. As our resident events guru, Dawn is happy to discuss and advise on your event ideas. In addition, she is the staff liaison for the Antwerp Chapter.

Dawn is a quiz master and a Pantomime celebrity. A social bee, you are likely to spot Dawn in a café having an ‘apero’ with friends or singing with her choir.

Alexandra Trandafir – Communications & Community Manager

Alex has recently returned to AmCham Belgium, having started her career in Belgium as an intern with the Chamber nearly five years ago. Her current role is to guide you through your member journey and make sure that you maximize the value created through your membership. Alex is the Communications Committee staff liaison and is your go-to person for membership benefits such as AmCham Connect and the Member-to-Member program.

Alex is a fashion enthusiast, crossfit amateur and she enjoys travelling, especially in the company of great friends.

Christophe Van Elewyck – Policy Coordinator

Christophe is a professional networker who enjoys staying connected to members, building bridges and keeping his finger on the pulse of the political scene. You’ll oftentimes find him in a meeting or on the phone with member companies or political stakeholders. He is the staff liaison for the Government Relations Forum, the Human Resources Committee and the Logistics Working Group.

Christophe is a sports fan and enjoys spending his time outdoors at music or summer festivals. When the weather forces him to stay indoors, he relishes authentic culinary experiences.

Johanna Vijverman – Policy Officer

Johanna is an avid researcher and an exceptional writer who you’ll find working on our blog and various policy publications. She is the staff liaison for our Innovative Healthcare Committee, which means she regularly engages and reaches out to members within this industry. Appropriately, as our youngest team member, she is also the liaison for our Young Professionals Committee.

Johanna is a great cook and a dedicated foodie. In her spare time, she enjoys the rush of a shopping spree, but also the serenity of a hot yoga session.