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Real World Data for Better Health Outcomes

On April 24, 2018, AmCham Belgium’s Innovative Healthcare Committee launched its cross-industry reflection paper: Real World Data – the Key to Securing an Innovative Belgian Healthcare Landscape at the first in a series of healthcare-specific events.

Real World Data (RWD) can be defined as patients’ health and lifestyle data that is obtained through real world settings, i.e. the daily life of the patient, rather than the data collected from clinical trials. Contrary to data gathered from clinical trials, RWD can be gathered from all types of patients, also those who otherwise would not fulfill the strict conditions necessary for clinical trials. By using RWD and data from clinical trials in a complementary way, more complete information can be obtained.

In order to fully benefit from the potential RWD has to offer, including the acceleration of R&D, optimized access to innovation for patients and more personalized care, some challenges first need to be addressed. Currently, the use of RWD remains marginal, due to problems with accessibility and interoperability. Moreover, patients nowadays do not know and are not informed about how RWD can help them and be beneficial for their treatment. Patients must be put at the heart of any RWD initiative.

In order to benefit from the tremendous potential that Real World Data can bring to the Belgian healthcare sector, all stakeholders must join forces to overcome the challenges. New pathway insights and a more efficient exchange of information across all healthcare partners will lead toward better, faster and more cost-effective outcomes and disease management.
Olivia Natens, Country Director, Medtronic Belgium & Chair of the Innovative Healthcare Committee

The Innovative Healthcare Committee (IHC), a unique cross-sectoral body covering nearly the entire health industry in Belgium, has shared its vision on how the integration of Real World Data in the Belgian healthcare system can lead to more innovative, increasingly patient-centered and sustainable healthcare, in a new reflection paper Real World Data – the Key to Securing an Innovative Belgian Healthcare Landscape.

Healthcare stakeholders present at the launch event on April 24 agreed that they should now work together, in a collaborative and cross-sectoral approach, to overcome the hurdles in collecting and implementing RWD, with the aim to generate better health outcomes.

Download the Real World Data paper

If you would like to learn more about the Innovative Healthcare Committee, please contact Johanna Vijverman at the Secretariat. Keep a look out for more healthcare-specific events coming soon.

Check AmCham's flickr page for photos of the Real World Data launch event!