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#Yes2Belgium for Innovative Healthcare

In a fast-changing environment driven by digital disruption, innovation in the healthcare sector is booming. Belgium is the ideal breeding ground for biopharmaceutical companies, and is aiming to become a hub for the health technology of the future.

Digital disruption is everywhere and brings great opportunities for all sectors. Yet healthcare professionals have embraced transformation from the start, and they are now driven by continuous innovation. More and more healthcare companies are embedded in Belgium, supported by attractive Government policies to stimulate innovative healthcare.

Belgium enjoys a worldwide reputation as a ‘Pharma Valley’ and is renowned for its attractive framework for clinical trials. It is also the pharma logistics gateway to Europe and the world, given the presence of state-of-the-art infrastructure and expertise. Leading US healthcare companies such as Abbott, Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer manage significant parts of their global supply chains from Belgium. Now, with the launch of HealthTech.Belgium, the country is ready to become the world’s test bed for health technology.

HealthTech.Belgium is a joint initiative of Agoria, beMedTech and the BVZD/ABDH (the Belgian Association of Hospital Directors), supported by Minister for Public Health Maggie De Block and Minister for Digital Agenda Alexander De Croo. The initiative aims to put health tech on the map, to make Belgium a key player and leverage its strengths to attract international innovation and talent. The recent investment of US company Mitral Technologies in Liège and Sanofi’s acquisition of Ablynx, a Belgian biotech firm which is using llama and alpaca antibodies to develop innovative cancer treatments, are just two of many examples illustrating Belgium’s increasing attractiveness in this field.

Innovation is key for healthcare of the future. The Chamber’s Innovative Healthcare Committee, a cross-industry platform which brings a holistic approach to improving the quality of care and the sustainability of the healthcare ecosystem, will launch a new position paper on Real World Data on April 24. Contact Johanna Vijverman at the Secretariat if you would like to receive more information about the Innovative Healthcare Committee.

AmCham Belgium strongly supports the Government’s dedication to innovation in healthcare and encourages further efforts. We are confident that, with the right measures, the biopharmaceutical industry and new health tech startups will continue to say #Yes2Belgium!