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US companies in Belgium: investors, innovators, job creators

Next week, AmCham Belgium will publish a new report focused on the importance of US companies in the manufacturing sector. In anticipation of this launch, we are sharing some highlights of previous editions of The Importance of US Companies in Belgium, which reveal the many ways in which US companies say #Yes2Belgium.

US companies are essential to the Belgian economy. They create jobs, innovate and engage in the local community. This is why previous editions have focused on employment, R&D and innovation and community impact.

R&D and Innovation

R&D and innovation is thriving in Belgium, and US companies are contributing to this success. Between 2004 and 2012, US investment in R&D in Belgium grew by 550%, fueling economic growth and competitiveness. Attracted by Belgium’s highly skilled workforce and successful industry clusters, US companies continue to invest heavily in R&D and innovation.

Did you know…

  • US companies account for approximately one-third of all private sector R&D investment
  • US companies employ more than 5,000 researchers
  • US companies collaborate intensely with universities and public research institutes

Community Impact

US companies not only contribute to high value-added economic activities in Belgium, they also make a positive contribution to the communities in which they operate. Many US companies strive to have a long-lasting impact on Belgian society through local partnerships, volunteering and donations. US companies invest in a wide range of projects, but most often they focus on the well-being and potential of young people in Belgium.

Did you know…

  • 81% of community impact projects are organized in the company’s immediate vicinity
  • Projects are well-matched to societal needs, with a particular emphasis on youth issues, and are increasingly linked to the company’s core business
  • 87% of companies make in-kind and/or monetary donations, while 76% of reported projects engage employees in the community through volunteering, often on company time
  • 78% of companies have a high level of involvement of senior management in community projects

Keep an eye out for our next report on manufacturing – out in early December!